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About Jon E. Adams

After writing poetry for over forty years, Jon E. Adams decided to turn his passion toward books. He wrote a series of all inclusive children’s books that children of all races and ethnicities can learn from and emulate. The characters in these books are strong, honorable, and of high moral character. Originally from Albany, New York, Jon E. currently resides in South Florida and can be found on LinkedIn and reached on the following three sites.


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Paperback – May 7, 2022

You can’t play with us, you’re a girl!

Those cruel words break Leoni’s heart and shatter her dream. Daddy, however, has different plans for his little girl. He not only finds a baseball team for his daughter, he teaches her lessons of perseverance, self-esteem, and inner strength along the way. Lovable Leoni is a heroic display of girl power that will take the world by storm!

Paperback – May 7, 2022

You can’t sit with us, this is the cool table, go eat lunch by yourself!

Kaitlyn never hears those words, she’s the most popular girl in school. However, she has a decision to make one day when she observes that not everyone in school gets treated the same way that she does. Will she take the easy way out and follow the cool crowd or will she display integrity for all to see and make the cool crowd follow her? Cool Kaitlyn is a triumphant tale of what the world looks like when we all treat each other as equals!

Paperback – May 9, 2022

Imagine going hungry every day. Then, imagine meeting someone caring enough to feed you. Now, imagine how that would bring the two of you together. That is where Jeffrey and Jericho find themselves in this epic display of selflessness and giving. Generous Jeffrey is a brilliant lesson about brotherhood and unbreakable bonds!

Paperback – May 16, 2022

Are you always nice to people? Do you ever laugh at anyone else? Do you help someone when you see them struggling with something that you’re good at? Nolan tackles all of these questions head on with sensitivity, honesty, and honor. Noble Nolan is a must read for all children as it teaches the golden rule and treating others the way we ourselves would like to be treated!

Paperback – May 16, 2022

Imagine finishing last no matter how hard you try to finish first. Now, imagine having that helpless feeling over and over again. This is where Enoch finds himself. Fortunately for him, Mom turns his failure into fire and his helpless into hope. Mom motivates him and inspires him to become something greater than he ever imagined. Eager Enoch is a powerful example of what the human spirit is capable of when you refuse to quit on yourself!

Paperback – May 18, 2022

This is true, we are all guilty of sins of commission. However, there’s a second type of sin rarely talked about, sins of omission. This is where we see something that we know is clearly wrong, but we omit ourselves from the equation because it doesn’t involve us directly. Of course, it’s always easier to act like we didn’t see someone in need and ignore the obvious, but what if we choose to do the opposite? Fearless Felix is a truly rewarding story of what the world looks like when we stop thinking about ourselves and start thinking about how we can help!

Paperback – May 21, 2022

Let’s face it, we all love our grandparents!

We owe them so much, we wouldn’t be here without them. Their wisdom, their support, and of course their love. This book is a gift to our grandparents for all of the unbelievable gifts that they have given us!

Paperback – May 23, 2022


Paperback – May 27, 2022

Paperback – June 3, 2022

Respectful Richie Paperback
Paperback – June 21, 2022

Paperback – July 6, 2022

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